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Neill has a strong reputation as a top-notch reckless driving and traffic attorney serving Botetourt County, Virginia and the surrounding area. His offices are located in Bedford County and Lexington, Virginia. Neill’s promise to you is that he will handle your case with the same individual attention upon which his reputation has been built.

When Neill steps into traffic court, he brings with him almost twenty years of litigation experience gained as a prosecutor and defense attorney in state and military courts. His extensive experience as a litigator sets him apart from other traffic attorneys.

Neill’s reckless driving practice is based on attraction rather than promotion. You might have received a stack of letters from various attorneys when you received your ticket, but you didn’t receive one from Neill. His qualifications and reviews set him apart from other traffic attorneys—so with a quick internet search of his service area, you are likely to find him. This is an important distinction because Neill will not use scare tactics to induce you to hire him. He will not put you in fear of consequences that are not likely to happen in your particular case. So, whether you are a college student with a speeding ticket or an individual within Botetourt County, Neill is here to help you and will work with you to get the best results possible for your case.

Neill’s goal is to give you a fair and accurate assessment of what can reasonably be expected to happen based on the facts and circumstances of your individual case.

He offers a free consultation and will quote you a flat fee based on the time expected to handle your case. Neill’s fees are very reasonable, especially when considering the experience and history of outstanding results he brings to the case.

The decision of which attorney to hire is an important one. One of the most important questions you can ask is:

“If I hire you, who will actually represent me in court?”

Unfortunately, with many firms, the answer is shockingly not the attorney who has provided the consultation! When you hire Neill, he will be with you every step of the way, and most importantly standing beside you when you are standing in front of the Judge.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Neill was thorough in preparing us for a difficult traffic case and sharp In front of the judge. He was well prepared for a notoriously difficult prosecutor and a strict county judge. In the end, we were very pleased the outcome.

I received a reckless speeding ticket in Botetourt County, one of the most strict counties in VA (89 in a 60.) I was very positive that my license was going to be revoked or worst, I was going to end up with a misdemeanor charge. I was recommended Neill and hiring him as my lawyer was the best thing I could have done. From the very start, he was proactive and consistently offered ideas he believed could help my case. He worked with my prosecutor to wave my appearance, so I didn't have to miss work or pay hotel and gas fees to drive four hours to appear in front of the judge. He was very easy to work with and was always readily available to answer any questions I had. Whatever he did in court worked because my almost 30 over reckless got reduced to improper driving and I was cleared of any criminal charges. I also only received 3 points for 3 years on my record vs. 6 points for 11 years on my record. I 100% percent recommend.

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