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A DUI is a serious and technical crime that requires an experienced defense attorney by your side to ensure that you get the best result possible in your case. As a state prosecutor and private defense attorney that serves Lynchburg, Virginia, and the surrounding counties, Neill has handled hundreds of DUI cases. He has tried DUI cases in front of a jury as both a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. If the police mishandle the case, or if there are extenuating circumstances, it can be possible to gain favor with a jury even in cases that seem daunting on the surface.

A case review begins with an investigation of the facts and circumstances of the traffic stop or accident, police reports and video footage as available, followed by a review of appropriate case law and statutes. The devil is in the details, and if there is a problem with the Commonwealth’s case, Neill will find it.

Affordable Retainer

Misdemeanor DUIs are most often resolved at the district court level. Therefore, on misdemeanor DUI cases, Neill charges an affordable district court retainer. If the case is appealed to circuit court, Neill then charges a retainer appropriate to the nature of the appeal. For instance, a suppression motion is considerably less expensive than a jury trial. This is important to understand because many defendants are overcharged by “DUI specialists” that charge an outrageous retainer, only to have the case resolved by guilty plea in district court. Why pay thousands of dollars more than necessary?

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Mr. Wente masterfully dissected what would normally be an unbeatable DUI charge and reached a settlement where I pled guilty to a mere Reckless Driving. If there is any chance of getting a charged dropped or reduced, Neill is the man for the job. I would recommend this lawyer to anyone who wants to get the best possible results in seemingly hopeless situations.

This is an awesome lawyer. We was in court with no lawyer today he spoke to us gave us a great price we could do on the spot he told us what he could do. and yes he done it my son went from 1 to 5 to 40 days. This is a lawyer worth hiring. We live 3 hours away. He also made sure he could start his time so we did not have to keep coming back. Thank you Mr Wente!

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