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Divorce does not have to result in complicated and expensive litigation. If the parties can reach an agreement between themselves that resolves all child custody (if applicable), property and financial matters, then divorce becomes strictly a matter of procedure: filing the proper paperwork, with the proper court, according to the proper timeline and ensuring all legal requirements are met.

An uncontested divorce is a divorce based on a period of separation, where the parties have already resolved all matters between themselves, and are seeking an attorney to assist with the divorce filings to ensure the case is resolved quickly and properly. For a marriage with no minor children under the age of eighteen, this can be filed with a separation agreement after a separation of six months. Without a separation agreement, or if there are children under the age of eighteen, then a twelve-month separation is required.

We pride ourselves on offering divorce/uncontested divorce representation in Alleghany, Virginia and the surrounding counties at an extremely affordable rate. The key here is that the parties have already communicated with each other, they are in agreement about getting divorced, and they have already settled the custody, financial and property matters between themselves. In these cases the savings on attorney’s fees are considerable. Contact us today to receive a free quote on an uncontested divorce.

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